Top 10 Chinese regions with most innovation patents
Beijing tops the list of Chinese cities securing highest number of patents per 10,000 people in the country, according to government figures. The State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) said with 76.8 patents Beijing takes the crown, followed by Shanghai, 35.2 patents per 10,000 people, and Jiangsu province, 18.4. It added that the average number of innovation patents has reached 8 per 10,000 people in the Chinese mainland.
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Petrochemicals on Course to Attract $10 Billion
Iran's petrochemical industry will most likely have absorbed 10 billion dollars in foreign investments by the end of the current Iranian calendar to March 20 2018, a senior oil official has said.
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Iran's biggest solar power plant inaugurated
A major solar power plant was inaugurated in Iran as the country presses ahead with an ambitious agenda to generate energy from renewable sources.
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Finland to sign air transport deal with Iran
A Finnish diplomat unveiled plans for the conclusion of an agreement with Iran on air transportation.
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China signs Iran's Arak reactor deal
The first commercial contracts to redesign the Arak heavy water nuclear reactor in central Iran was signed by representatives from AEOI and a Chinese company on Sunday in Vienna.
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Iran, Pakistan trade volume to boost soon
Iranian interior minister stressed that the volume of transactions between Iran and Pakistan has the capacity to increase up to $5 billion in economic, trade, energy, industry and tourism fields. Tehran is hosting the 20th session of the Iran-Pakistan Joint Economic Commission on April 17-18, 2017.
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Iranian humanoid robot Surena Mini unveiled
Two major knowledge-based products including a humanoid robot dubbed Surena Mini and a small animal imaging device have been unveiled today at the 5th laboratory equipment & chemicals exhibition (Iran Lab 2017).
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Iran tendency to revive commercial ties with Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia
Increasing trade transactions with Iraq and Oman and reviving of commercial relations with some of Arab countries such as Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia during the next 11 month are part of Iranian foreign trade sector?s agenda.
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DJI Launches Matrice 200
Answering the demand for drones that can perform industrial services, DJI has officially unveiled its new Matrice 200 series. These indomitable follow-ups to the lauded Matrice 100 series are hyper-ruggedized, weather-resistant quads designed to handle applications such as power-line inspection, firefighting applications, search-and-rescue missions, and more. DJI Matrice 200 Professional Quadcopter
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Adidas is selling a limited number of 3D-printed Runner shoes
A limited number of the 3D-printed running shoes are on sale in London and Tokyo
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An app for tourists to Berlin to view the buildings of modernist architect Walter Gropius
A smartphone app is bringing to life the world of the modernist architect Walter Gropius ? one of the founders of the Bauhaus art school.
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Araqchi: Trade cooperation helps improve D-8 capacities
New York, Sept 24, IRNA ? Foreign Ministry Deputy for International and Legal Affairs Abbas Araqchi said on Friday that the D-8 states enjoy high capacities and extensive opportunities especially in fields of trade and economy.
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Akhoundi: Airbus, Boeing representatives to come to Iran
Tehran, Sept 24, IRNA ? Minister of Road and Urban Developments Abbass Akhoundi said on Saturday that representatives of Airbus and Boeing companies are to visit Iran this week for negotiations on the plan to refurbish Iranian ageing air fleet.
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Taiwan to host Iranian commercial delegation
Beijing, Sept 24, IRNA ? Iranian 62-member delegation led by President of Tehran Chamber of Commerce Masoud Khansari will visit Taiwan to explore the grounds for economic cooperation.
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Iran, Iraq agree on easing trade exchanges
Tehran, Sept 24, IRNA ? Head of Iranian and Iraqi standard and industrial research organizations approved removal of foreign inspections in trade transactions between the two countries.
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