Center for Innovation and Technology Cooperation (CITC)
The Center for Innovation and Technology Cooperation (CITC) of I. R. of Iran Presidency has been established in 1983 with the aim of providing scientific and industrial consultations for policy-making centers and administrative organizations of the country. Regarding the role of technology as an important factor in economic growth and development of the country, CITC   is focused on the new technologies and knowledge-based economy.
In addition to improving its previous activities, CITC plays a significant role in realization of the Resistive Economy agenda in various areas through following approaches:
-  Strengthening the resistive and knowledge-based economy;
-  Tracking the future issues;
-  Exchanging and developing technology;
-  Development of international science and technology cooperation and technology diplomacy;
-  Participation in science and technology policy-making;
-  Developing entrepreneurship and improving knowledge-based business climate.


Dr. Akramifar
President of Center for Innovation & Technology Cooperation




CITC History 


The first decade (1983-1993):

Scientific and Industrial Consultancy
Helping technology transfer and localization
Contribution to the development of new technologies
The second decade (1993-2003):
Help to enable and support the creation of knowledge-based firms
Helping institution-building in national innovation system
The second decade (2003-2013):
Helping policy-making and development of the technology concepts
Contribution to the development of international cooperation for the purposes of technology diplomacy
Fourth decade (from 2013-present):
Helping the development of smart technological innovation system (TIS) in the field of national and international
Help to achieve Iran?s development and resilient economy