Monitoring the Future Themes


   The acceleration of technological change and development is an important issue in the field of technological policy-making that has almost rendered impossible planning and decision-making without a proper understanding of the present and future status of technology. In this context, it is particularly important to identify, create and develop a network of industrial and research partners for observing and monitoring technology developments and advancements in technology-based industries. This in turn will have a direct effect on the businesses of these industries.


    It is inevitable for all countries to make effective use of managerial and policy-making tools in the field of technology for developing the capabilities of the leading industries with a view to provide and improve the quality of technological products. In this regard, technology monitoring is an effective tool that can stimulate and help develop a variety of indigenous innovations and new products that will in effect bring about competence and capability. 



    The ultimate value of technology monitoring is represented in the improvement of organizational decision-making. This is the main goal of the whole technology monitoring process that helps improve strategic planning for technologies, the process of technology basket management as well as the identification and prioritization of technologies and research projects. This is among the effective factors on innovation besides the main process of technology and innovation management from technology selection to maintenance.  



    According to this image, making use of a technology monitoring system can facilitate the identification and acquisition of innovations and disruptive technologies. It also helps define the right time for their acquisition and creates competitive advantages. Therefore, time is a crucial aspect of technology monitoring. In other words, identification and rapid access to technology and disruptive technologies in an updated manner and uninterrupted access to the knowledge about technological innovations will enhance the innovative outputs which is one of the main goals of technology monitoring.

The challenges facing the technology monitoring process can be categorized in either of two ways: the quality of the results and their effectiveness. In sum, the goal of technology monitoring is to enhance awareness about developments. Thus, the quality of this knowledge is highly significant for proper prediction of future trends. Although it should be noted that technology monitoring is practically a wise guess about technology and its effects on the target society rather than a prediction!



   The second axis of challenges relates to the problems of technology prediction and monitoring regardless of its quality, use, or impacts on political decisions and planning in organizations. Besides planning for technology monitoring, an organization should also have well-established plans for its possible outcomes. This means that the organizations that apply this tool need to define channels for the effectiveness of the results of this process. For example, they should consider how and to what extent the results of technology monitoring affects the budget of projects, the projects basket, or the future communications of the organization.