International Cooperation for Technology
1- International Cooperation
International cooperation has been always important to pave the way for development and progress of the country by taking advantage of the scientific capabilities and experiences of other countries.
Some activities to create and strengthen relations of the Islamic Republic of Iran with other countries are as follows:
-   Signing MoUs with science and technology centers of various countries;
-   Exchanging scientific and technological delegations between scientific and technological centers of the country and other countries’;
-   Dispatching Technology Attachés to some Asian and European countries;
-   Membership in international organizations active in the field of science and technology to develop international interactions;
-   Active participation in international science and technology exhibitions, conferences, etc.;
-   Participation in joint commissions with other countries;
2- Technology Export Promotion
A glance at the product value chain indicates that the most important part of it is commercialization and market entry. One of the most significant markets for each manufacturing company is foreign markets. Therefore, considering development of knowledge-based firms, creating new markets for Iranian technological products is critical. In this regard, CITC has established cooperation with other active organizations in this field such as Vice Presidency for Science and Technology, Trade Promotion Organization, in order to pave the way for exports of knowledge-based firms.
The capacities and advantages of the country for technology export promotion include:
- Applying technology diplomacy in development of commercialization model for technological products to realize export targets;
- Benefiting from the capacity of the Iranian diplomatic missions to strengthen promotional activities for technological products export;
- Multiplicity of technological products of knowledge-based firms with export potential.
Some of the achievements in this area are:
- Cooperation in developing and implementing programs, policies and stimulus packages for development of exports of knowledge-based products and services in cooperation with other stakeholders ;
- Contributing in planning, guiding and encouraging capable knowledge-based firms to enter the regional markets, develop  peripheral markets and expand regional value chain;
- Providing assistance preparing and implementing the required instructions, and collaborating with relevant organizations in order to facilitate implementation of export programs and removal of administrative and customs barriers for knowledge-based firms;
- Contribution in policy-making and supporting related promotional trade events such as trade delegations, seminars, and exhibitions of Iranian technological products and services in the target countries;
- Cooperation in creation of intermediary organizations to promote exports of knowledge-based firms and SMEs such as: export management companies (EMC), export clusters, export networks, and introducing stimulus packages.