Knowledge-based Economy
Knowledge-based economy is an economy that a major part of its value-added is created through knowledge, technology and innovation, and educated human forces play an important role in its realization. Knowledge-based economy is one of the most important bases of the Resistance Economy. Today, economy is increasingly moving towards being knowledge-based throughout the world and those countries that cannot use their knowledge to create value-added are left behind the global competition and would become consumer societies.
The capacities and advantages of the country for development of knowledge-based economy include:
-  Abundance of highly qualified educated human resources;
-  Wealth of raw materials and cheap energy;
- Ability to progress in emerging technologies such as nanotechnology and biotechnology;
- Capable of taking advantage of the experiences of other countries and catching up , and moving faster along the growth path;
-  Large size of the domestic market;
-  Large volume of the government procurement as a supporter of the national products;
-  Access to regional markets;
Advantage of using the experiences of Iranian specialist human resources working in the famous international companies.