According to the international reports, the world's average market growth in pharmaceutical industry is about 60 percent. The compound growth rate of Iran in this industry in the last 10 years has been 30 percent which reached 40 percent in 2014 due to implementing the "Health Sector Evolution Plan” (HSEP). This industry has formed a market worth 55 to 60 billion USD in the neighboring countries.
 It is anticipated that the global sales of medicines will reach about $ 1.3 trillion by 2020.
The pharmaceutical system including policy-making, monitoring, production process, import, export, distribution, prescription and consumption of medicines is after maintaining and improving health of the members of the society and enhancing strength of the pharmaceutical industry.
The following capacities and advantages underline the pharmaceutical development as a priority for Iran:
- Appropriate number of pharmaceutical industry companies, including drug manufacturers, producers of raw materials, distributers, and importers ;
-  The large number of competent specialists in this field;
-  Proximity to the medicine importers;
-  Multiple sources of medicinal raw materials in the country;
-  Cheap energy.
Some of the achievements inpharmaceutical industry are:
-  Tracing, identifying and providing foresight solutions to challenging issues;
-  Introducing and helping achieve new technologies in pharmaceutical industry;
-  Supporting the knowledge-based firms in promotion of the pharmaceutical industry;
-  Introducing professionals, companies, institutions and leading and successful centers in this field;
- Establishing international cooperation to help generate commercialized biological recombinant medicines.