Aviation Industries
The Aviation industries is divided into the sectors of manufacturing (including design and construction of systems and subsystems such as engines and avionics) and utilization (including passenger and cargo air transport, general and regional aviation, issues related to airlines, drones with commercial applications,…).
In addition to the economic importance with globally annual turnover of 470 billion dollars, this industry has a direct impact on the security of the country and enhancement of defense capabilities. Also, a wide range of technologies including electronics, telecommunications, engines, materials and manufacturing processes can be developed through focusing on topics related to this industry.
One of the most important features of this industry is that there is a small gap between its research and industrial implementation due to fast pace of technological changes, which enables many of active businesses in this field to become knowledge-based firms (KBFs).Then, the KBFs by entering the supply chain of developing and manufacturing products can play a key role in empowerment of the bigger industries and providing the opportunity for more effective presence in international markets.
Iran has significant advantages and capacities in development of the aviation industry, some of which are as follows:
- Strategic location of the country on the international routes;
- Justifiable  geographical distribution of air transport between cities across the country in proportion to different air facilities;
- The specialist human resources in aviation industry;
- Multiple experiences in local construction and utilization.
Some of the achievements inaviation industry include:
- Studying the opportunities and challenges of general aviation in the country;
- Studying the opportunities and strategies for economic development of the aviation industry in the country;
- Developing a comprehensive guide book on the local air industry companies;
- Studying freedom of air in the country for adopting the policy of "open skies" as a way of developing aviation industry and providing the facilities for international airpassenger transport...