Water Industries
Water is a natural, scarce, vital and renewable resource that human always need in every time and place, and is considered as a valuable and irreplaceable commodity in economic and social development of the countries. As the core of development of other sectors, water plays a critical role in progress of the country and is a key factor in maintaining the balance and stability of the ecosystem and environment.
The following conditions and capacities make water a major capacity for Iran:
1-Locating in the water poor and relatively dry region of the Middle East;
2-High technological capacities of the knowledge-based companies;
3-Development of the domestic industries of dams, pipes and precision instruments.
4-Research institutions and training centers in the related areas.
Some of the achievements inwater sector include:
-International cooperation to help designing and manufacturing water and wastewater treatment systems;
-Help to achieve and localize the advanced technologies in water industry by local companies;
-Development of water diplomacy and study the opportunities and threats of maritime borders of the country;
-Membership in international institutions active in the field of water, including GWI and IDA.