Marine Industries
Marine industry includes a large variety of engineering and construction activities which can provide the chance for providing significant offshore and marine opportunities for job creation and economic prosperity. Today, more than 90 percent of exports and imports of Iran are by sea, especially the Persian Gulf, which indicates importance of the development of the marine industry. As a key sector, the marine industry has strong linkages with different economic sectors, hence a motive force to push the wheels of other industries.
Marine industry can be divided into seven subsectors:
1- Offshore (exploring , extracting, producing  and transferring  oil and gas to land or vessels);
2-  Shipping (cargo and passenger transport by sea);
3-  Ports and port terminals (loading, unloading and storage of goods);
4- Fishery (fishing, storing, transferring and unloading seafoods and marine aquatics);
5-  Marine tourism;
6-  Renewable Energy (power generation from waves and wind using off-shore installed turbines);
7-  Construction and repair of surface and subsurface vessels.
Some of the achievements in marine sector include:
- Supporting technical knowledge transfer, design; construction and repair of vessels and marine structures and equipment;
- Strengthening domestic construction market for development of the shipbuilding industry;
- Development of institutional infrastructures for marine transport such as insurance and accreditation;
Membership in relevant domestic and international organizations such as the Council of International Maritime Organization (IMO).